About This Blog:

This blog came out of a place of seeing all the different issues in the world and feeling helpless. The only solutions given to these problems were to throw money at them. 

But isn't there something more? Is the only difference we can make truly to only donate money? 

I refused to believe the notion that we can only do as much as the money we donate. We are powerful people and have so much to offer to this world. They may not be flashy or trendy but important.

 One of the ways we can create change is utilizing the untapped potential for change to be leveraged on the consumer level. 

It is amazing work for those who are in the business sector working in corporate social responsibility, for those in human rights policy, humanitarian aid in nonprofit sector, global supply chain, environmental, social and governance in investing, etc. 

But for an average joe like myself, I believe each one of us also has a space and a calling in this pursuit of a better world by utilizing our purchasing power as we vote with our dollars.

This blog is for those who are no longer okay with our lifestyles, if it means people around the world need to be exploited and oppressed.

It's in our discovery of how powerful we truly are as people that we can begin to explore how to instigate change. 


About Me:

Hi my name is James.

I grew up in a typical asian immigrant home in suburbia Atlanta. My worldview was only what was directly in front of me. As I was graduating from high school thinking about my future, I knew that i wanted to work with the poor in developing countries.

In University, I studied Horticulture/Organic Farming in order to learn how to work with small farmers internationally in the tropics. Through college, I spent 3 months in southern Mexico doing mission work and teaching english, 6 weeks at an orphanage and youth center in Uganda, and 3 months working at a sustainable farm in Maine. 

After college, I worked at ECHO International in Ft. Myers, Florida, learning all about sustainable international agricultural development. ECHO specializes in aggregating and disseminating innovative solutions for many world hunger issues especially in the agricultural sector. Through ECHO I was able to travel to Thailand and spent 6 months living and working in Arusha, Tanzania. 

Once I moved back to Atlanta, I started a school garden/environmental learning center at a private school in the metro-atlanta area. We have a large garden, massive greenhouse, tiny fish hatchery, chickens, etc. We teach around 500 elementary kids a week and it's so fun.

All in all, I'm just someone on a journey to find what it looks like to live as a thoughtful, concerned citizen as well as a conscious consumer. 

These are my humble thoughts and I would love to hear yours.